Fibre has been a consistent presence in Melbourne's wholesale
fashion industry for nearly 20 years.

Much like a design sketch, Fibre's humble beginnings
were simple, but classic lines. A fledgling business that has evolved
with flourish and colour, accents and embellishments to the boutique
agency you see today.

The fabulous labels are the statement pieces of the wardrobe, and Fibre itself provides the accessories that complement the look: a contemporary inner city warehouse, passionate and knowledgeable staff, ambient music, aromatherapy and the smell of freshly brewed lattes and homemade treats are as iconic as a pair of interlocking capital c's.

A visit to Fibre is an experience for all your senses.




Jessica Hendrick
Jess is Fibre’s glamazon who’s beauty and style are second only to her talents in the kitchen. She is a little ray of sunshine that keeps our hearts and tummies happy.


Kristen Tassone
Kristen is the whole circus in one person: clown, juggler, tightrope walker, contortionist, magician lion tamer and ringmaster. She is the beating heart of her own family and the Fibre family and a self-proclaimed fashion addict.


Lavina Smith
Lavina’s love and passion for Fibre and fashion is evident by the fact she commutes from Ballarat! We are thrilled to be in a timeshare arrangement with her gorgeous cherubs.