High Society

A key ingredient to successful brand representation, is an exceptional customer experience. From the moment you press the front door bell, Kristen and the team at Fibre take you on a journey that not only offers comprehensive and commercially savvy advice; but delivers the total package, complete with welcoming smells of freshly brewed coffee and delicious home cooking. We know Obi, Chocolat, Catalyst and Mosaic are in very good hands!
– Robyn Hall, Owner

The team at Fibre are an absolute pleasure to deal with and they have been a real asset to our growing business. Kristen and her team are professional, proactive, generous with their time and their feedback and beyond that, they are just wonderful people and great fun. Their efforts to expand our market representation in Victoria and Tasmania has helped us grow at an impressive rate and their attention to detail, preparation and rigour has consistently exceeded our expectations. On a separate note, we're always delighted by the lengths they go to support both us as the brand and their customer base of boutiques, they do their utmost to serve everyone's interests which really pays dividends by fostering strong, loyal relationships.
We feel really confident with our brand in their highly capable hands.
– Miriam Wells & Gabrielle Gray - Directors

When buying for the ENNI stores, we deal with many agents and wholesalers, but few are able to make you feel as welcome or comfortable as the team at Fibre. When someone is passionate about what they do, that passion is contagious and Kristen seems to have a knack for building a tight knit team that share her passion for fashion, people and baking! Being able to make a buyer feel comfortable is an essential skill for any agency, and Fibre achieve this not only with the cunning use of baked goods, but primarily by building honest relationships. They won’t sell you something if it is a poor fit for your store, and they will work bloody hard to make sure you have the best representation of a brand possible. They work harder than many agents at understanding their retailers needs and ensuring they are constantly updated with the latest offerings from the labels they represent. If I had a label myself, I would certainly be trying to get Fibre to represent it.
-Daylan James Director of ENNI


Fibre very quickly achieved significant double figure increases for both Cue and Veronika Maine and substantial feedback was received from customers both old and new, regarding the quality of service provided by Kristen and her team. It was her desire to understand the product that led to her success both on the sales results and customer service areas. The team at Fibre are a pleasure to work with – bright, enthusiastic and always positive. These are necessary ingredients in our industry to develop and maintain a strong client base: they love what they do with a passion.
- Rod Levis, Chief Executive


Fibre Fashion Agency has been representing Calliope for three years. We have found them to be a very professional, focused, efficient and capable team. Their attention to detail, enthusiasm and extensive understanding of the market have enabled them to build up a loyal customer base that has been increasing sales from season to season.
- Lloyd Sills, Chief Executive Officer


Fibre Fashion Agency have represented Maiocchi for the past 8 years. We couldn’t be happier with the job that Kristen and Regan have done. They have achieved great results for Maiocchi, and they have a wonderful relationship of trust and confidence with the clients.
Fibre Fashion Agency has a ‘boutique’ feel about it and offers a very personalized and professional service which sets it apart. I would be only too happy to recommend them.
- Deanne Mayocchi, Designer


We have been dealing with Fibre for a number of years and have found the girls to be a pleasure to deal with. The agency although representing the manufacturer understands the plight of retailers and provides commercial advice when selecting product based around the important question of – What will actually sell in store? We certainly look forward to a long and successful business relationship with the girls at Fibre.”
- Mathew Routley, Managing Director


Muccia by Melanie Cutfield has been represented by Fibre Fashion agency for the past eight seasons, during this time we have been nothing but pleased with the professional personalized service that Fibre has offered. Both Kristen and Regan have an amazing rapport with our retail customers and offer efficient service right throughout the year. The girl’s are always switched on and go above and beyond our expectations. We have nothing but positive feedback as far as Fibre Fashion agency is concerned and would be only to happy to recommend them to any designer that wants to improve their market share.
- Melanie Cutfield, Designer